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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a SORN on the vehicle once Scrap Car Buyers have taken ownership of the vehicle?

No, there is no need to SORN the vehicle once we have removed the vehicle as we deal with the DVLA for you.

How quickly can you collect?

Generally we can collect the same day, sometimes within an hour of your request.

Does the vehicle have to be taxed and / or MOT’d?

No, we only require the log book, you may claim a refund on the tax from the DVLA once we have collected the vehicle.

Are the DVLA notified and will I be responsible for the vehicle?

The DVLA are notified in a timely manner, and once collected, the car is no longer your responsibility - we will give you a receipt for our purchase from you.

The car has stood for a while and may not move - is this a problem?

No, our vehicles are capable of moving even the most stubborn of cars.

I have removed some parts from my vehicle, does this matter?

No, we can still remove part-vehicles, please explain the situation when asking for a quotation.

Do I need the keys?

No, we do not require the keys as a rule, and our drivers are trained to enter vehicles with the least effort.

Do I need the log book?

No, if you do not have the log book, we will require proof of identity from you (such as a driving licence or passport).

Why should I choose you?

We offer the best local prices for your vehicles and take on the responsibility of your vehicle from the moment we purchase it.

We do not insist that you deliver the vehicle to our premises, why should you risk being stopped by the Police or VOSA for using a non roadworthy, non taxed, non MOT’d or non insured vehicle on the road and be subject to a fine or even imprisonment when we Columnlect fast from your home?

The price we pay is the price we offer on the telephone, we do not offer one price and then reduce once we arrive unlike some of our competitors!